Another Green World
Tiny Bee on Cornflower
Bumble Bee (sold out)
The Very Fringes of the Day (Sold)
Bee on Allium (Sold)
Wuthering Hawthorn (Sold)
Shrimping, Bryher
I Left My Heart In The Sand
Driving Home RA Shortlist 2020
Dark Tulips (edition sold out)
A Poem For Small Things (Sold)
While You Were Sleeping (Hammersmith Bridge) Sold
A Further Reach
Tempted (Sold)
The Great Seducer
Spellbound (Blue) Sold
I Hear Your Voice (Sold)
The Light In Your Eyes
I Hear Your Voice (Sunset)
The Very Fringes of the Day
Spellbound (Sold)
Because This Is My First Life (Ynyslas)
While You Were Sleeping
In A Green World
Missing You (Blue)
Falling For Innocence (Sold)
The Princess Bride
Just Between Lovers (Putney Bridge)
Devilish Joy (Blue)
When Time Stopped Again
Just One Sweet Pea
Devilish Joy II
Devilish Joy
Winter Sun
Two Worlds
Hammersmith Bridge
Double Jeopardy at Vine Road
Bumble Bee
The Gate (Sold)
Two Storm Wood
Sailing on the Thames at Barnes
Towards Kingston
Wuthering Hawthorn
Big Daisies
Rowing Out of the Shadows (print)
Chelsea Bridge
Rowing Out of the Shadows (plate)
The Coal Road
A Little Love In A Mist
In The Woods
Winter Hillside
A Little Honesty
Wild Birches
Winter Sun Through Trees
Barnes Bridge
November, Drinks
November, River
Lawrie When Little
Rainy North London
Crossing Soho (Ghost)
Rainy Paris
Barnes Bridge Monotype
The Only Way Is North
Colsterdale Wall
Along the A3
Ollie & Ripley
Lawrie Shrimping
Jetty in Snekkersten
The Winter Tree
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