Born in Leeds, Diane was educated at Leeds Girls’ High School. She studied Art at the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth, graduating with a BA(Hons) in Visual Art, followed by a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education. On moving to London she became involved in the animation industry, and the emerging techniques of computer graphics and video manipulation. This led to a career in Graphic Design for television and special effects for clients such as Granada, TV-AM, GMTV and This Morning. Throughout this time she continued to draw and paint, and has more recently been concentrating on paintings of a contemporary and graphic nature. She lives and works in South West London. 

Artist's Statement: Early influences while studying Art were pointillism and pop art, systems painting, photography and illustration. However the biggest influence on my work was probably my years as a graphic designer and animator in television. Long hours were spent looking at images frame by frame in extreme close-up to smooth out pixels, or in the more traditional methods of cell-painting in flat, opaque colours. These techniques have transferred themselves to the methods of choosing imagery and composition that I use now. The themes vary, from cakes and still lifes to portraits, but there is usually a recurring play with scale. I tend to make small things big, and big things small, and break the image down into its constituent parts and layers before reassembling them. I usually work in acrylic, but sometimes mix media and techniques, using photography, photoshop, collage and printmaking.
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